Fresh, crisp salads

Choose between oil and vinegar or yogurt cream dressing

27. December 2021

53. salad plate “grandma’s style

53. salad plate "grandma's style Fried potatoes on a mixed salad with yoghurt cream dressing
27. December 2021

55. Tuna salad plate

55. Tuna salad plate Tuna on a fresh mixed salad, with toasted bread
27. December 2021

54. “Lady” salad plate

54. "Lady" salad plate Colorful salad with fried turkey breast strips and toast
27. December 2021

41. Mixed salad

41. Mixed salad Tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage and iceberg lettuce
27. December 2021

56. salad plate “Veronika

56. salad plate "Veronika colorful salad with olives, sheep cheese and toasted bread