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    • Gerichte

    • Angus rump steak (approx. 200g)

      with fresh mushrooms, baked potatoes or fried potatoes and salad

    • Angus rump steak (approx. 200g)

      with creamy pepper sauce, fried potatoes and lettuce

    • Anniversary potpourri

      three different medallions with herb butter, baked potatoes and lettuce

    • Half & Half Plate

      Meat skewers and cevapcici with rice, french fries and salad

    • Madagascar plate

      three different medallions with green Madagascar pepper in hollandaise sauce with french fries and salad

    • Pepper cream schnitzel

      (breaded) with croquettes and salad

    • Salmon steak

      with hollandaise sauce, boiled potatoes and salad

    • Sliced turkey breast "Zurich style"

      with spaetzle or croquettes and salad

    • Turkey escalope (grilled)

      filled with ham and cheese with croquettes and salad

    • Turkey steak

      with fresh mushrooms, croquettes and salad